Speculations about windows / 窓についての憶測 (2020)







For example, the people we just passed by that day, the people we see every day, the residents who live next to us, the clerks at the convenience store in front of the train station, the office worker we bumped shoulders with, workplace colleagues, subordinates, and superiors.

How much do we understand about these people, who each face their own circumstances and live their lives? Even with somebody who I see everyday and believe to know thoroughly, the information that I (expect to) firmly believe to be the “truth” by judging that person’s “inner workings” could be nothing more than the light that seeps in through the window.

Even though “windows” are in the closest contact with the outside among the things inside “houses” that enclose the private lives of the people who live inside them, they cut off the information inside through a layer of glass.

This pieces attempts to present the incompleteness and unreliability of the speculations (inferences) based on the limited information obtained through windows. A short sentence is presented with the photo but it likely has no credibility regarding a single photo of a window in which the surrounding information has been scraped off.

When we judge others and things in daily life, is there really enough information to make a judgment? Regarding the information we obtain, how much should we trust or doubt?


ヴァンダイク・ブラウン・プリント / 金調色

2020年 Art On Paper Vol3  紙の美術 其の三 : 北井画廊









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